Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Glasgow International Comedy Festival is a comedy festival in Glasgow, Scotland. The comedy festival started in 2002 and is held annually in March. The largest comedy festival in Europe, it attracts visitors from all over the world.


The festival will be on the line since 9th march.The festival is full of entertainment with some of the special performances by International stars.

It has become a renowned annual event in Glasgow’s cultural calendar.

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The festival returns 9th – 26th March 2017 and will feature your favorite comedy friends, top television names and spectacular stand-up stars to stages across Glasgow.

Top comedy stars from around the UK and beyond will be coming just to entertain you, only to realize the Scottish money they’ve been paid in can only be spent in this country and that they can never go home again… They’ll be complemented by the very best of home-grown Scottish talent for a comedy extravaganza that makes us Europe’s largest comedy festival


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