International Day of Happiness

“When i was 5 years old,My mom always told me that Happiness was the key to Life,when i went to school,They asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up.I wrote down ‘happy’;They told me i didn’t understand the assignment,and i told them they didn’t understand Life.”_ John Lennon

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The Definition of Happiness changes from a person to person according to their profession.But ultimately when you are laying on your death bed and if you are about to take the one last breath,Looking back on your life story,taking a quick review of what you have done in Life to be happy and satisfied?

Because in any story you ain’t going to see a person who don’t want to be Happy & satisfied.I know some of the people might not admit this fact but Happiness & satisfaction should be the final destination of a human being..This is something you should expect before laying on your death bed.

But What is Happiness?

See if i love soccer since i was a child,and all i want from life is soccer..I work hard for it,i sacrifice my dear one’s for pursuing my dream and now i have won everything in Soccer and i am spending a peaceful life with my dear one’ am i happy?

Absolutely,because i have everything i ever dreamed of,i have my dream,i have my family with me..and i think this is the right time to appreciate Life for everything it gave me,now i am totally satisfied..

Satisfaction is one of the important ingredient of Life,Because Every great journey should end somewhere,it depends on us whether we choose to stay or keep chasing greedily.

Not everyone understands the mystery of Life..

Darshan who was oneof the besties of mine,He was a great player of soccer since we were kids.and i always thought that someday he will make us proud,but at the age of 18,He lost his father and as he was the oldest in his family,He had to work at a grocery store to feed his little brother and sister and he were unable to find time for soccer practice.By the time i moved to Jhansi.and i was unaware of what happened with him.

Few years later,i heard about the tragedy occurred in his life and i was very shocked to hear that.

I went to my hometown to meet Darshan, when i saw him,i was very confused about what to do at that moment.should i console him or not? because i knew what soccer meant to him,i didn’t uttered any word for a minute or more;Finally he broke the silence,i remember i never saw a single sign of regret on his face.He seemed very satisfied with the life he was having.

Then i met with his younger brother Ajit,by the time he was a IT graduate and seemed very successful and professional young man with his profession.He said Shilpa (his Younger sister) was pursuing her degree education from a reputed university. Then i meet  Maa (Darshan’s mother),she bursted in tears when i asked her about Darshan.She told me how Darshan took the responsibility of  whole family after his father’s departure and sacrificed his dream of soccer as per the wish of his Maa

She told “He was very depressed at the beginning but he took over the feeling of depression,He is very happy now after what his younger and sister has achieved and he runs his own grocery store in the market”..

After returning to Jhansi,i couldn’t sleep for the whole night.

Whenever i look through Darshan’s eyes,the meaning of Life & Happiness seems different..

And at the end,i get the feeling “Nothing is worth if you are not happy”

Everything will be alright if we keep fighting and keep going through what Life serves to us.

and i always reach this conclusion “Try to do that makes you happy,be with the people with whom you think you could be Happy”.

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 I choose to be Happy!! Do you?


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