Good Morning Fellas


There was a time in my Life when i used to set a 6:00 AM alarm and wake up at 7 or 8 in the morning..I remember my mom yelling at me “It’s not holiday today,You have rest of the life left for sleeping,But for god’s sake get up in time at least for just 2 more years of school”….

                    Then somehow i used to manage to get up from the bed,though i was awake that doesn’t mean i was functioning properly..



Days go by,as i became more and more matured with Time and i have realized the importance of Healthy and punctual  life,Healthy food.

  And the most important thing whenever the morning alarm rangs it reminds me of my Mother,i get the feeling the alarm is nothing but my Mother yelling at me “You have rest of the Life left for sleeping”







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