World no tobacco day

A sad sad story,One of my friend Kunal, being addictive to Cigarette. when he smoked for the first was all for fun.just to show the guts that you are a man,one of the random beliefs that today’s generation follows.

back to our college days,it was a belief that one who smokes  is toughest of all,he could do anything. Smoking was a sign of bravery. Kunal was the one who always wanted to be the toughest guy so he did whatever he could do.but later on,may be a year or after he realized it had nothing to do with bravery.If all a cigarette can do for you is to hurt you in several ways. it was the time when i met Kunal, he could talk to me about how he became so addicted to it. i found it hard for him,i knew he badly wanted to get rid of his addiction. we used to search some better ways to get rid of his worst habit,unfortunately nothing really worked.


soon he diagnosed with mouth cancer.i told his father about that he was broken inside,his Family did whatever they could do but they couldn’t save him.

I remember Dave saying to me “i want to spend one more month with my Family”

It didn’t happened.

Smoking is no longer a sign of Bravery,i know it all starts for fun and when you move along,it takes over you.You know the best part about Tobacco companies,they kill their best customers.

i have a hearty advice to today’s generation,please invest in your Health.If you are stronger and fitter,So does your family will.

 If you can’t stop smoking then cancer will,

1 in every 5 people die from cancer caused by smoking each year

Don’t be fool.

Stop smoking now!

31May3 (Final)