World wind Day

The Nation that leads in renewable energy will be the Nation that leads the World. #globalwindDay

When we came home

I do have a Bike gifted by my Uncle but i use Public Transit to reach my job place. There was a time when i was a strong believer of what was going on in the society. Either Car or a Sport Bike was a style statement and it is a style statement,i mean who would prefer the Public transport when you have a imported Mercedes. But 2 years ago, i totally changed my view towards it,i came across a campaign which was carried by local organization which was established in 2001 and they were eager to maintain the balance of Environment in leading cities of India. I did read about them in Newspaper before but it was the first time i met them in personal..

Their Front man gave a speech about reducing the use of non renewable sources of Energy by replacing them with renewable and sustainable sources…

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