Happy Father’s Day

I gotta stay away from my Father cuz of my work and

I really feel bad for that,i couldn’t spend much time with him in his late days,He has been suffering from several pains,one of them is  Joints pain,He’s unable to walk by himself. He needs someone to hold him by the hand.

My Wife along with my Children takes care of him. My Mum had passed away a long ago. After my mother’s departure, He was hopeless,he lost his only support but he stayed strong recognizing his duty towards his children.


My Dad is the best thing ever happened to me and i love him him a lot.

So many times i have planned to quit my job but he was not happy with my Decision. He believes Life and Death both are natural and must stay Natural. He do not wants to extend his Life artificially with the help of Medical science.

But i have made my mind this time, I want to be with him, as much as i can.

Whoever has said,said it right  “Father is son’s first Hero and Daughter’s first Love”