World Wetlands Day

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World Wetlands Day occurs annually on February 2nd, marking the date of the adoption of the “Ramsar Convention” on Wetlands on February 2, 1971. World Wetlands Day is raised to spread awareness about the value of Wetlands for humanity and the planet. Theme for World Wetlands Day 2019 is “Wetlands and Climate Change”

Wetlands are a critical part of our natural environment. They protect our shores from wave action, reduce the impacts of floods, absorb pollutants and improve water quality. They provide habitat for animals and plants and many contain a wide diversity of life, supporting plants and animals that are found nowhere else.

Wetlands provide an important range of environmental, social and economic services. Many wetlands are areas of great natural beauty and many are important to Aboriginal people.

Wetlands also provide important benefits for industry. For example, they form nurseries for fish and other freshwater and marine life and are critical to countries commercial and recreational fishing industries.

Wetlands are the vital link between land and water.

So, it is very important to protect wetlands for the sustainable development of nature, humanity and planet.