Support Green Supply Chain

Eco friendly supply chain helps in increasing company’s corporate values,  creates goodwill among customers and prospects, maintains a good reputation.

Support Green Supply Chain

Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy sources

Use of Bio fuels like Biodiesel,ULSD


Green Packaging or Eco Friendly Packaging

Eco friendly packaging

Go Digital,Leave it on the Computer

Go Paperless



Countdown begins…

SCIENCE It is important for scientists to help increase science literacy using “teachable moments.” Here, meteorologist Dr. Marshall Shepherd debunks four misconceptions about today’s solar eclipse. (Forbes) It’s not too late to build a solar eclipse viewer! Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers Toolkit. Discussion Ideas The first […]

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One of the Biggest astronomical events ever

The peak of this year’s Perseids meteor shower has just passed. It happens when the Earth passed through the orbital path of the Swift-Tuttle comet, and is only visible from the Northern Hemisphere. Some reports circulated the Internet claiming this year’s Perseids would be “The Greatest Meteor Show of All Time”. That was largely fake […]

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World population day-Do we have enough room for everyone?

When the first World Population Day was marked in 1990, the global population stood at a little over five billion.

It’s now over half that again, measuring 7.6 billion.

Each day, 1 billion people have no access to food and water. Also, many people in the developing countries are becoming illiterate. Most of them get their children married at young age which increases the chances of giving birth to more kids.

Do we have enough room for everyone?

Wonders of India-you must see before you die


1. Tulips in Srinagar will remind of you of Tulips in Amsterdam



2.The scene of snow clad mountains at Gulmarg in Kashmir is quite similar to those in Switzerland

2 Gulmarg-switzerland


3. The landscapes of Khajjiar in Himachal Pradesh look like pastures of Switzerland


3 khajjiar-switzerland


4.The shape of the lake at Nainital in Uttarakhand is quite similar to Lake District in England

5 nainaital-england


5.You don’t need to go to the hills of Alaska to ski when you can have it in Auli of Uttarakhand

6 Auli-Alaska


6.The allure of Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand is in the same league as that of Antelope Valley in USA

7 vally-of-flower-antelop-vally1


7.You will be equally spellbound by the beauty of Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim as much as you would be by the beauty of Jökulsárlón Lake in Iceland

8 gurudongmar-JÖKULSÁRLÓN


8.India Gate in Delhi and Arc de Triomphe in France, do look identical, don’t they?

9 India-gate-Triomphe

9.The marvelous Jal Mahal in Jaipur can beat the Trakai Castle of Lithuania any given day

11 The-Jal-Mahal-in-Jaipur-Tarakai-Castle-of-Lithuania


10.Thar Desert in Jaisalmer and Sahara Desert in Morocco share the same folklores

12 Desert-in-Jaisalmer-Sahara-Desert.jpg


11.Similar charms of Lake Palace in Udaipur and Lazienki Palace in Poland

13 Lake-Palace-in-Udaipur-Lazienki-Palace-in-Poland.jpg


12.You can live the same heritage on Kumbhalgarh Fort of Rajasthan as you would on Great Wall of China

14 Wall-surrounding-the-Kumbhalgarh-Fort-The-Great-Wall-of-China.jpg


13.You will feel the same calmness at Rann of Kutch in Gujarat which you would feel at Bonneville Salt Flats in America

15 Rann-of-Kutch-in-Gujarat-Bonneville-Salt-Flats-in-America


14.The falling water gives the same whispering in both of these falls – Chitrakoot Falls in Chhattisgarh and Niagara Falls in Canada

16 Chitrakoot-falls-in-Chhattisgarh-Niagara-Falls-in-Canada

15.India’s very own Big Ben – Rajabai Tower of Mumbai

17 Rajabhai-tower-in-Mumbai-Big-Ben-in-London1


16.Who said Grand Canyon is only in USA? We do have our personal Canyon at Gandikota Hills in Andhra Pradesh

18 Gandikota-Canyon-in-Andhra-Pradesh-Grand-Canyon-in-USA1


17.You need to be super observant to notice the difference between the experiences in Andaman and experiences in Spain

20 Scuba-diving-in-Andaman-Scuba-diving-in-Spain


18.Tea leaves at Munnar in Kerala and Boh Tea Plantation in Malaysia will be equally fragrant

21 Munnar-in-Kerala-Boh-Tea-Plantation-in-Malaysia

19.The ride in the backwaters of Alleppey in Kerala will be equally soothing as that of one in Venice at Italy



Biodiversity facts about India-


 India is one of the mega-diverse nations in the world. It is called so because the country’s gamuts of life forms are wonderfully different wherever you might be. From extreme cold to extreme heat, coastal areas to rain forests, tropical jungles to mangrove belts, the extraordinary weather and climatic conditions have created homes and habitats for more than 50, 000 species of plants and 40,000 species of animals.

India is just 2 percent of the world land mass but 8 percent of the world’s biodiversity is found in the country.

16 types of forests are found in India including the evergreen tropical rain forests, dry alpine scrub forests, semi evergreen rain forests, deciduous monsoon forests, thorn forests, subtropical pine forests and more.  

India has some of the wettest, driest, hottest and coldest regions in the world.

There are 15,000 species of flowering plants in India.

11 percent of plant biodiversity in the world is found in India.

2546 species of fishes are found in India.

 India has 198 species of Amphibians.

423 species of mammals are present in India.In the country there are 1331 species of birds.

 408 species of reptiles inhabit India.

 There are 50,000 varieties of rice alone found in the country, making it the biggest reservoir of rice on earth

Among plants 33 percent of the species are endemic to India, which means they are found nowhere else in the world.



India is the only home for following wildlife creatures-

 The Indian One Horned Rhinoceros

The Royal Bengal Tiger whose roar travels over a distance of 2 kilometers

The Asiatic Wild Dog is as good a voice actor as Seth McFarlane

The Red Panda

The Snow Leopard which is on the way of extinction

The only home for Asiatic Lion

Most number of Asiatic Elephants

Lion Tailed Macaque

Most number of  king Cobra

Indian Flying Fox

19795 2.png

13795 4

13795 3king-cobra-4