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Did you ever think of International shopping can save you more money than shopping in your own country? Shopping is reflection of true self.
Shopping is sometimes needed and sometimes could be a euphoric experience too. Who doesn’t want shopping to express and compliment owns personality
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Many times one come across situation that product you wish is not available in India but you can see its availability in some other country like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, China, Dubai etc.
Now the question is I can buy directly from those website but how do I give my address for delivery in that particular country and further how do I get that product in India?
What if I have no one to help me there in that country? No need to worry now, Transit address App comes to your help in all your need here and one point contact to arrange your delivery of product from any country to your doorstep.
It’s not just to buy a product which is not available in India but most interesting benefit is it saves you substantial money even when you order the product from anywhere in the world. Recently many people ordered the product
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So if there was anything what stopped you so far from an international
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Water-The Force that drives The Earth

Sources of Water-

71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by Water and 29% by the Land.

           The major sources of Water are the Oceans,Rivers,Lakes.

   96.5% water is Ocean and remaining 3.5% is locked up in the form of Glaciers as well as Lakes.Less than 1% of that Water is Fresh water that can be used for drinking. If you could melt all that ice Glaciers,the sea levels would rise to an altitude of 2.7 km.





Importance of Water-

   Some of the Earth’s water supply is temporarily locked up within the many lifeforms found across the Earth’s biosphere. This water makes up a majority of most organisms, and is a critical component, making the processes of life possible. Some organisms are made up of 95% water, while almost all the rest are more than half water.



         Firstly, it is the only substance on Earth that is in liquid form at the temperatures commonly found on the Surface of our planet. Secondly, it is a superb solvent, meaning that other substances regularly and easily dissolve into it. This allows water to carry nutrients to cells, and carry waste away from them.

In addition, water has the unique property of expanding as it freezes. Because water expands becoming less dense, frozen water, more commonly known as ice, floats. This is very important because it protects the water underneath, insulating it from freezing.

Imagine what would happen if water became more dense? It would sink, allowing another layer of water to freeze. Eventually all the water across the entire surface of our planet would freeze, making life impossible.


world water day



                          Most of the parts on Earth are facing Shortage of water.

Most of them are from Africa,India,Mongolia,South America.People in these area can really understand the importance of Water conservation.

People should do their best to conserve water for three reasons. The less water used or wasted by people, the less clean water will become contaminated. In some cases, using excess amounts of water puts strain on septic and sewage systems, leading to contamination of groundwater, as untreated, dirty water seeps from the sewage system into the ground.

Water conservation reduces energy use and can even save households money. Most families pay to use water in their cities or regions. The less water a household uses, the less they have to pay each period. Appliances that use water, such as washing machines and dishwashers, also use a considerable amount of energy.

Conserving water now allows cities and regions to plan for more efficient use of the water resources in the future. If most of an area’s clean water is wasted, there will not be water for future generations to use, meaning the city will need to come up with new ways to produce clean, fresh water, which will ultimately be at the taxpayers’ expense.

             People can save water by making smart choices at home.and these small tries surely going to make a large difference.





“Carrying a child,A container of water weighing about 40 pounds and walking 5 miles under the hot sun could only realize the worth of the Water”


#Believe it or not
#Water is the driving force of the Nature.
#No #Water, No Life
#NO Blue, No Green
#Save Water Save World

Monday magic

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Be a smart Buyer

19th Mar.2(Final)

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Special Olympics world winter games-Austria

 “Graz and Schladming in Styria, Austria, Going to host the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games”….


16th mar.1(Final)


The world’s largest sports and humanitarian event in 2017 will be staged in Austria. Special Olympics announced today that Graz and Schladming in Styria, Austria, will host the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games.

                                                                              “By hosting the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games, Austria aims to strengthen and enrich the Special Olympics movement in all relevant social areas.

The vision of Special Olympics is to gain ,with the positive attributes of sport, athletes, families and volunteers from all over the world for their idea.

                                                    Due to the growing recognition of the global impact of Special Olympics, of the incredible energy of the volunteers and especially of the charisma of our athletes, barriers should be broken down and more acceptance and tolerance should be achieved for the people.


Special Olympics has many thousands of competitions around the world every year. Our athletes train in 30-plus sports in 169 countries. Every two years, there’s a World Games competition that shows off the best our movement has to offer. For many of our athletes, attending a World Games is the dream of a lifetime.

For almost 2,700 Special Olympics athletes, that dream will come true during the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games in Austria.

The athletes have trained in their 107 home countries. Coaches have guided their practices. Family and friends have cheered for them. 

This month, they will travel to the mountains of Austria. About 1,000 coaches will come with them. Our athletes will ski, skate, snowboard, snowshoe, shoot balls and shoot pucks to see who will win the gold–and who will not. 


                                    These World Games mark a return: In 1993, Austria hosted the very first Special Olympics World Winter Games held outside the U.S. (Learn more about how the first World Games in Austria happened.)

                                  A lot has changed since those 1993 Games. This time, an even larger worldwide audience will get the chance to see many moments from the Games. ESPN will be broadcasting stories and events during the 2017 Games in Austria.



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Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Glasgow International Comedy Festival is a comedy festival in Glasgow, Scotland. The comedy festival started in 2002 and is held annually in March. The largest comedy festival in Europe, it attracts visitors from all over the world.


The festival will be on the line since 9th march.The festival is full of entertainment with some of the special performances by International stars.

It has become a renowned annual event in Glasgow’s cultural calendar.

10th mar.2 (Final).jpg
The festival returns 9th – 26th March 2017 and will feature your favorite comedy friends, top television names and spectacular stand-up stars to stages across Glasgow.

Top comedy stars from around the UK and beyond will be coming just to entertain you, only to realize the Scottish money they’ve been paid in can only be spent in this country and that they can never go home again… They’ll be complemented by the very best of home-grown Scottish talent for a comedy extravaganza that makes us Europe’s largest comedy festival

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