What it likes to be in Love

Being in love is an amazing feeling. The smile that comes to your face thinking about your beloved. Walking through a crowd with that one person in your head and all everything else around are turned into shadows. Every second of the day passing wondering what the other person is doing and above all the […]

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That picture made my day

To view more of my photography please click on http://www.rakmilphotography.com There has been a long-standing debate between those in favor of color photography and those in favor of black and white. To my mind each has a place and as noted in an earlier post, sometimes the same photo in black and white is a […]

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All this Time

I cannot sleep. I was a little girl when the Cuban Missile Crisis scared the wits out of us. I was in second grade, and I still remember kneeling in the hallway of Overbook School as Sister Mary Martin led us in the rosary. I remember my knees grinding into the floor as I recited […]

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This is how the Life goes on….

I have spent a long time, over the years, watching lives drawn on screens by a moving point of light. Watching those monitor, I couldn’t help comparing them to the video games my sons used to play where their on-screen characters had a life-counter. Nor could I help thinking how closely the human heartbeat resembles […]

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Before you do, Reflect!!!

As many of you may know, the Buddha (before he was the Buddha) grew up in a wealthy household and had a family. He had a wife (probably from an arranged marriage) and a son, Rāhula. He left his family on the day his son was born, to explore the spiritual life. His son was […]

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International Justice Day

Have a nice Monday! Start your work with #Beautiful and #RainyMonday and today is a international #justiceday .I think Justice and Law are two side of coin, when you are going to Toss it you are getting only wait and watch.

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Stop children humiliation

4th Jun.3(Final).jpg

It’s Sunday today. I wish a very happy Sunday to all people here, Hope you are doing well.

Making a little post today as it’s International day of innocent children, victims of aggression.

The magic, the wonder, the mystery and the innocence of child’s heart are the seeds of creativity that will heal the world.

#international day of innocent children, victims of Aggression

Raise your voice against Children humiliation.