What Love is?

Love is blind and it’s deaf Always Without choice , full of foolishness (C)- Vivian Zems (#Tau ku) Mick’s Short Form Poetry Challenge #5- prompt -Love Source: Love is…..

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Own yourself

Originally posted on SoulFullHeart Way Of Life: By Raphael Awen While the 3D self could get really pumped at having, let’s say, the psychic abilities to be able to predict the future, your higher self would often seek an awareness point awakening for you that was much more mundane. Jim Carey once said ‘I wish…

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Keep yourself Up

First, let’s find out what the importance of motivation exactly is. Simply put, motivation is the reason or reasons a person has for acting or behaving in a particular way. This basically means there is some driving force that pushes you to achieve your goals and go after what you want in life. As long […]

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Buddha Teachings

Detaching yourself from objects that bring you fulfilment sounds contradictory. This is because we often tell ourselves and others that “if it makes you happy, keep it in your life”. Though there is some truth behind that, there is still more to consider when we look at what makes us happy and why we should […]

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Is it?

We live in a broken world. Unless you’re living in a cave, it’s impossible not to be aware of people all around us struggling with difficulties in life. We see suffering in the news from countries far away, we read about war and injustice in so many places. If we haven’t become too calloused, we […]

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Good read in the morning

Life, Death, and Love No, I am not talking about leaving this earth as we know it, only as we perceive it. That is, if we can ever accurately understand it. I was born in 1943 to a 55-year-old father and a 26-year-old mother, who already had a daughter, born 18 months before my arrival. […]

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Find yourself

By Kate Kole My first job out of college was working as a photographer assistant for a school portrait business. Our team of photographers and photographer assistants drove across our Iowa and Illinois region to take yearbook photos. In order to get to schools on the other side of the state before the day started, […]

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