World Kindness Day

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People with good deeds might not meet but they leave a trail that is imprinted on other’s heart.


If Love is a Flower,Faith is it’s only seed

From all delusions, ignorance, And mental-bondage resulting from past deeds, Amid all worldly indulgences, I will be totally freed, As the lotus does not touch the water it grows upon, As the sun a… Source: Essence of Faith

via Essence of Faith — The Militant Negro™

Is it?

We live in a broken world. Unless you’re living in a cave, it’s impossible not to be aware of people all around us struggling with difficulties in life. We see suffering in the news from countries far away, we read about war and injustice in so many places. If we haven’t become too calloused, we […]

via It’s OK to Say “No” to Someone in Need. — DJ from the orphanage

Find yourself

By Kate Kole My first job out of college was working as a photographer assistant for a school portrait business. Our team of photographers and photographer assistants drove across our Iowa and Illinois region to take yearbook photos. In order to get to schools on the other side of the state before the day started, […]

via A Reminder For When You’re Feeling Lost — Thirty On Tap

What it likes to be in Love

Being in love is an amazing feeling. The smile that comes to your face thinking about your beloved. Walking through a crowd with that one person in your head and all everything else around are turned into shadows. Every second of the day passing wondering what the other person is doing and above all the […]

via We are in love💖 — Winged words of a wanderess